How to digitally sign a document in Microsoft Word

This a simple tutorial on how to use your digital certificate to sign a document in Microsoft Word. Open your Word application as usual and type your document. When you are done typing and you want to digitally sign the document do the following. Select File then Info Select Protect document and then “Add a […]

The legality of documents signed with electronic certificates in Kenya

The Kenyan Constitution allows for the use of digital certificates for the purposes of document signing. This was first seen in the KICA Act. The KICA Act defines the following ; “advanced electronic signature” means an electronic signature which meets all the following requirements—(a) is uniquely linked to the signatory;(b) is capable of identifying the […]

How to maintain productivity and security for remote workers using Digital Signatures for Document Signing

Digital signatures for Document Signing is a technology that has been with us since the ’80s. It will be the first thing on a CIO’s mind when asked how documents and communication can occur remotely and securely. Digital Certificates uses technology called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). But why isn’t this obviously helpful technology the norm […]

Securing Your Email Address with Digital Certificates and S/MIME

S/Mime stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It uses public key infrastructure (PKI) and asymmetric encryption to provide authentication and encryption of email messages. By signing your email with an S/MIME certificate, you can assure receivers that the messages you send are really from you, and they can prove that you really sent them. Furthermore, you can use S/MIME […]