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PKI & FIDO Solutions

Geda LTD is a licensed Certificate Authority* (CA) and offers digital certificates for these purposes:

  • E-Identification – User and device authentication
  • E-Signatures – Document and code signing
  • E-commerce
e identification and e signatures
E-Identification and E-Signatures

* A Certificate Authority is a trusted entity that issues Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, otherwise known as digital certificates. These digital certificates are data files used to cryptographically link an entity like a company or individual with a public key. Web browsers use these keys to authenticate content sent from web servers, ensuring trust in online content.

IT Security Solutions

Geda LTD designs and implements the following IT security solutions

  • Next-Gen Firewalls
  • End Point Security
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions
  • IT Security Policy Consultancy
security and threat intelligence tools
Threat Intelligence and Security Tools

RF Frequency Planning

Geda LTD performs RF frequency planning and monitoring. Our services include

  • Coverage analysis
  • Frequency planning
  • Network design
  • Geo-data
radio frequency tower
Radio Frequency Planning

Bank BI

Bank-BI offers an all-embracing business intelligence solution, aiming to answer the challenging needs of today’s banking industry. It gives you a vantage point above the fray, with ready-to-use analytics, reporting tools, and applications that various stakeholders across the bank can use at any given time. This empowers them to optimize their ability to leverage and act on critical information.

business intelligence consultancy
Business Intelligence Solutions and Consultancy

IT Security Consultancy

Policy Consultations

We assist our clients align their policies to be compliant to the scope of the Kenya Data Protection Regulation 2021 under The Data Protection Act 2019, using a guided and tested approach to enable swift, fast and easy implementation of their data protection.

Solutions Consultations

We assist our clients in the following:

Threat Intelligence Research: Alert on existing and emerging cyber threats by monitoring threat actors, targets, campaigns, and other tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Breach Intelligence: Actionable critical alerts that help pinpoint potential infections which affect your organization directly.

Malware analysis reports and IOCs: Analysis and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) report about malware behavior that I+ clients can use in order to detect or respond to emerging threats within their infrastructure.

Asset detection and attack surface management (ASM): Identify internet-facing assets and high-risk vulnerabilities, open ports, configuration risk, technology stack, and logins

We assist organizations setup Threat Operations Centers to provide visibility of potential cyber-attacks on organizations

  • We are utilizing advanced technologies to deploy multiple sensors and active defense outside of the organization’s network perimeter.
  • No deployment is needed! Clients only need to provide minimal information in order to create a dedicated and custom monitoring plan.
  • Cost-effective for end-customers due to triage approach.
threat Operation Centers
Threat Intelligence and Operations Center

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